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Feb. 2, 2021

INVEST in Real Estate - February 2021



Feb. 20, 2020

What to Expect in our Relocation Process

Curious to see how OUR Relocation process works?

Here’s all YOU see (we take care of all the rest):


  1. You register here on our website or call 386.214.6714
  2. The Interview - we ask you about your anticipated move, family requirements, hobbies, price range, questions/concerns, and the date of your next visit to our area
  3. Your Tour! - We take you and your family on a customized tour of our town, with some stops along the way with homes and activities we think you’ll love
  4. If you do find your Black Pearl, we guide you through the purchase process, making it as smooth as possible. If you didn’t fall in love with a home on your trip, don’t be discouraged. We will find it!
  5. Throughout this process, we’ll be making personal introductions to advisors, accountants, contractors, trainers, and ANYONE who can welcome you and help you feel like you’re ready to make the move to our community. We’re also happy to help you find a Black Pearl pre-screened recommended realtor to sell your current home.
  6. Moving time! You already know people in our community and you have endless resources to local events, great restaurants, and whatever your heart desires. Now it’s time to enjoy your new town. 

Call us at 386.214.6714 or sign up to start the process!